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>…By the way, I would distinguish between Marxism and communism. This doesn’t mean communism as such is workable…


Ja.  I put the blame for communism on the communists rather than the starry-eyed writers.  Like any philosophy, communism picks and chooses carefully among the stuff Marx and Engels wrote.  I can mine their writings and find plenty of stuff in there that resembles actual sanity.



>…Also, I personally would more want to see a society based on Nozick’s slogan: from each as they choose, to each as they are chosen.  Regards, Dan


Cool I like it.  We have a system based on that idea, even if it never heard of Nozick: the Boy Scouts of America.  The adult leaders are all volunteers, the boy scout looking for training or advancement goes and finds the people who can help her make it happen, ordinary citizens help fund the organization with donations, lawyers smell the money and voluntarily come after them relentlessly, everything is voluntary, the neediest get what they need, the worthiest help the others and are rewarded with veneration.  Excellent.



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