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Regarding Musk's notion of making the Twitter content filters public led to
the observation that this could make it easier to game the system.


That rattled around in my brain like a golf ball in a 55 gallon drum.  I
came up with an idea (as is my wont (or one of my many wonts (such as
wanting excuses to use the term wont (they call me the wont-monster.))))


An earlier observation was the comedy gold provided by the Babylon Bee,
which made a skit of an overly sensitive Twitter employee freaking about
Musk buying Twitter.  Then Twitter played along with the gag by slapping a
sensitive content label on a tweet about sensitive Twitter employees
(referring to her (and comically self-referencing the Twitter employee who
chose the label.))  But it isn't entirely clear the label was Twitter
playing along with the gag.  It might be that software did that, and that
their software is flawed.  I chose the more charitable interpretation
(Twitter was making fun of itself.)





Regarding Musk's notion of making that software public (not defeating it,
just making it public domain): that would allow users to download the
filter, run a test case on an edgy post, shape it, edit it, rework it until
it gets by without a warning.  So this would be a form of gaming the system,
and could spawn an entirely new genre in a sense: how to creatively word a
message in such a way as to communicate an idea around restrictions.  Gaming
Twitter then becomes analogous to poetry in a way, where you say things with
a rhyme and a rhythm, to communicate ideas in a framework of sorts.  Going
around Twitter filters becomes modern poetry.



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