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The federal cops, the FBI, was caught and convicted of falsifying evidence.  They never really did anything to the guy.  Of course that is going to arouse suspicion.  Now we know the FBI falsifies evidence.  The locals do not.

>…It is possible for an official, legislator or judicial officer to be honest yet have values contrary to your own. For example, there are probably Taliban officials who are extremely fair in applying Sharia law, while there may be others who can be bribed or are just lazy and don’t really care.


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I see, so falsifying evidence is… what Stathis?  Kinda OK if it agrees with sharia law and the guy who falsified the evidence is… what please?  Do explain why we should think there is any justification or any way we can consider it honest or ethical or legal or any other form of justification for the FBI to falsify evidence.  


The FBI falsified evidence.  They caught the guy.  Did almost nothing to him.  Now… the FBI falsifies evidence.



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