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The FBI falsified evidence.  They caught the guy.  Did almost nothing to him.  Now… the FBI falsifies evidence.

>…There are two issues: officials being dishonest and breaking their own rules (eg. falsifying evidence) and the rules themselves being bad rules. The application of Sharia law may be fair and honest, but it still sucks. In your jurisdiction also there may be laws that are applied fairly and honestly, but you disagree with the laws. You can try to change them, but if you can’t you are stuck with them.


Stathis Papaioannou




Ja, no.  This isn’t their rules.  Falsifying evidence by authorities is completely wrong, never justifiable in any jurisdiction by any government authority ever.  If a cop plants dope in the bad guy’s trunk in order to arrest that guy and question him for another crime, that is still falsifying evidence.  If that cop is caught, the perp goes free on both the dope charges and whatever they wanted to question him for, and the cop goes to prison where he damn well belongs.  Sharia law is irrelevant, the religion of any of the participants is completely irrelevant, there is no justification, not even partial.


The police must be the good guys.  If they do illegal things in order to catch the bad guy, they become the bad guys, and the original bad guy goes free.  The police must play by the rules, with “the rules” meaning the law.  They must stay inside the law to enforce the law.  That would be US law, not sharia.


This is a good thing.  Imagine a coupla fellers have a beef with each other, perhaps they both like the same girl.  They fight, the one feller whoops the other, gets the girl.  The loser goes to police academy, gets a badge, pulls over the victor, puts dope in his trunk, finds it, the winner gets 20 yrs in Alcatraz, the loser consoles the lonely bride of the prisoner and takes her away.  


See how this can go wrong?  There must be a severe price for falsifying evidence.  Otherwise the FBI cannot be trusted.  The FBI falsified evidence.  Caught, convicted.  They did almost nothing to the perp.  Now, the FBI cannot be trusted.  There are no extenuating circumstances to consider, none.




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