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Spike I think something you might need to hear is that listening to you is basically identical, for me, to listening to some normie …Truly a topsy-turvy, clownian world we live in.


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Will I don’t really understand your post, but no worries, for we can eliminate all right vs left discussion in this case and talk only right vs wrong.


Some right vs wrong is absolute.  It really is.  When the FBI falsifies evidence, that is always always wrong.  There are no possible circumstances that justifies anything of the kind.  It is power abuse.  With that pretty much universal agreement (for not many will disagree) then we can ask some unambiguous yes or no questions.  Such as: 


Did the FBI catch and convict one of their own of falsifying evidence?  Yes.  Did they burn the guy?  No.  He never went to prison.  As far as I can see that establishes that the FBI falsifies evidence.  No right vs left there.  Only right vs wrong.  That is power abuse, pure and simple, no ambiguity.



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