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>>… Did the FBI catch and convict one of their own of falsifying evidence?  Yes.  Did they burn the guy?  No.  He never went to prison… spike

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>…Now that San Francisco has authorised killer robots,

>… it might be wise to reduce criticism of officials before you find one of these outside your front door.  :)






BillK, we thank you for having perspectives and insights that escape far too many yanks.  You get it.  Not all yanks do.


Just so this goes into the record: I am doing nothing illegal, never have (well other than that tag ripping caper that landed BillW and me in Alcatraz for 20 years (details cheerfully available on request.))  I am not the least bit suicidal, not despondent (which I would assume is a preliminary condition.)  If something dreadful and mysterious occurs in my home, you can be pretty sure it is bogus as three dollar bill.


If we cannot criticize officials, if the USA loses freedom of speech, then brutal tyranny is all that is left.



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