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>…That fits the legal definition of blackmail.("pay us or the public sees this"), especially the version where payment only suppresses for a limited time, and as such is illegal…


Oy vey, it sure does Adrian.  Damn, that idea won’t work.


>… Twitter would be ordered to cease the practice quickly, and whoever was responsible for implementing it could go to jail…


Jail?  Dead ya mean, and that’s only if he’s LUCKY!


Well OK then, let us reframe the question.  There are events or records or whatever else which create an inherent conflict particularly in politics: one group has inherent interest in hiding it, the other has inherent interest in making it widely known.  The laptop is a perfect example of that conflict.  There is a stunning pile of value in who wins that conflict. 


The development of the internet has dramatically increased the potential of widely disseminating information, resulting in huge escalation in the value of both positions: the tells and don’t tells.  Conflict of enormous value.  We can even make up symbolic pronouns symbolizing both interests: William Tell and Carl Coverup.


OK inherent conflict, we already know one way money can be made here for we have a sports example: betting.  We already have meme betting, and notice how political betting is already by far the most dominant area of online betting.  It isn’t entirely clear how we set up wagers on the laptop, but wherever there is conflict, wherever William and Carl meet, there must be money to be made somehow.




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