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Uh I think you might be thinking of a different conversation.  We were just
irked because Mr. Wallace was saying racist pseudoscientific bullshit.  But
hey maybe he came to those conclusions himself without any input from his
neighbors, which is...worse, I think?

Simply put unless this is some kind of racist or ethnonationalist list, in
which case I will leave, I don't see any reason why we should abide a
member saying that black people are *by nature* immoral and/or
unintelligent.  It's quite abhorrent, and if I were an intelligent black
person who happened to read that, I would go far away.  Idk, maybe that was
his goal, but I don't feel good about being in a space where that is
anyone's goal.  If you guys are racist please just let me know and I can
get outta here

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> Agree 100%  Besides back in old Extropy days it was mostly radical
> futurist who were also radically pro-liberty.  Indeed full freedom would
> seem essential to continuous improvement.  That includes radical freedom in
> the marketplace.   There is nothing "conservative" really about that.
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> I will respond to one comment: the idea that my views are affected by
> where I live (among mostly conservatives) is a giant slam against my
> intellectual integrity and I reject it utterly. bill w
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