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To follow up... You wrote:

Will, would you like to take a look at the statistics on unwed mothers, often very young, abortions?  Then tell me race does not matter.

Prostitution beginning at age nine or so is rampant.  Look at the statistics.  I have known about black prostitution since the 50s, working with black men.  "Oh yeah, I am going to buy me something from her this weekend  They'll all do it, even the married ones."

It really doesn't seem that you've read or understand Williams or Sowell. They point out how government programs and regulations have hurt the worse off more than other groups. Minimum wage laws actually had their origin in racial oppression.

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I have not and will not read any comments after the one Dave made, to which I strongly objected.  If you find data different from what I said, please let me know  Otherwise, I am not interested in opinions that are not data-driven, like mine are.   Check out Thomas Sowell and the late Walter Williams for views identical to mine. bill w
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