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>...Well done indeed madam.  You demonstrate you had telescopic crystal vision of the future, way back in the days when...spike

Samantha, a long time ago in a galaxy far far way, Zeus was the top Greek god, which is remarkable considering this was billions of years before Greece even existed.  He was already the top god there, billions of years ahead of time.

In any case, the way I heared it:  Zeus got in the mood one eon and wanted some action from Cassandra, but she said no.  This was a huge ego bust for... the top god, as one might imagine.  Gorgeous goddesses all over the galaxy would give him anything he wanted, and this one turned him down!  How insulting is that.  But hey, she had her reasons I suppose.  Perhaps she wasn't feeling well that eon, or it was that time of the... millennium I don't know.  She refused, and no means no.

Zeus decided to show there were no hard feelings (even tho there were) and gave her a little gift: the power to see the future.  Wow, thanks Zeus!  Whatta god.

But of course there were hard feelings, and it was trick.  Cassandra had a bunch of humans she kept as pets and helped them prosper.  So when they were planning a really stupid attack, because of Zeus' gift, she could see what would happen and told them to stop it forthwith.  Cassandra was unaware that Zeus was really pissed and had given her a curse rather than a gift: he made the humans not believe her.  The more she warned, the less they paid attention.  They attacked, they got their asses handed to them.  

So it went for billions of years and continued up until Greece formed and they had a chance to invent all this mythology: Cassandra could see the bad consequences of her humans' foibles, but they would never heed her warnings.

And all that is a long winded parable, which is really about your warnings on the Patriot Act.


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