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Was curious about the folks here, so here is a short poll:


A) Have you received any covid vaccines?


B) Have you gotten ANY covid?




Caught in Dec 2019, whooped my ass.  Hospital the only time ever in my life and may that never happen again.  Most unpleasant.  They didn’t know what it was at the time, they couldn’t do anything really, so they just sent me home with a good luck and adios amigo.  Took about 7 weeks to get to mostly recovered, several months for complete recovery.  J&J in May 2021.  Second J&J in Nov 2021.  Caught in July 2022.  That one was nothing, just a little sleepiness for a coupla days and loss of the sense of smell and taste, which still hasn’t really returned but I don’t worry about it because I was already in poor taste beforehand.  


That loss of taste business worked out really well.  Now when I want lobster tail, I just soak hotdogs in a mixture of lemon juice and Clorox, then I am like that French chef comparing margarine vs butter: No deefaraaahnze.  Consequently… I save a bundle and protect the environment at the same time.









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