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As I am 68 I thought at the time the vaccine came out it was somewhat more prudent to get the Pfizer vaccine when my number allowing me to came up. That was back in March 2021. It was before I started watching the VAERS reports and seeing other relevant info. I wouldn't take them now or the boosters.

As to getting COVID I am unsure but possibly got it very early back in early Feb 2020. I got back from a business trip and went to the local grocer. The Asian kid running the cash register was obviously sick and sweating profusely. He was pulled off the line while checking my cart. Some days longer I felt pretty sick myself. For about 10 days I could only be upright 5 hours a day and had an unending dry cough. Almost no energy. Haven't felt anything quite like it before or sense. I don't know if it was COVID but I am suspicious.

Contrary to the hatchet job done on it I did stock up on ivermectin later. When my housemate tested positive I made sure to take the prophylactic does until she tested clean.

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> Was curious about the folks here, so here is a short poll:
> A) Have you received any covid vaccines?
> B) Have you gotten ANY covid?
> Personally I
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