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Mon Dec 5 18:32:58 UTC 2022

A) I eventually begrudgingly took 1 JNJ to avoid vaccine related
restrictions and because I was concerned about potentially being on the
bubble due to my weight/age.

I raised concerns amongst the list I run online early on regarding
nanoparticle tissue distribution, and did not believe the risk/reward made
sense for anyone who is young and healthy.   I stuck to my guns in terms of
my teenage daughter and have not vaccinated her (and won't under any
circumstances).   I was not willing to take a mRNA based vaccine, but
rolled the dice with the JNJ due to it being 1 shot, and hoping that the
tissue distribution would not be as bad with a viral based vector (this was
a shot in the dark though) compared to the nanoparticles.   I also have
major concerns over the purposeful modification they have made to the mRNA
to make it persist long term.   I am more convinced than ever that the mRNA
vaccines are unsafe and should be pulled from the market (based on
risk/reward versus natural infection) or at the very least only offered to
seniors/high risk groups.

I was trying to hold out for Novavax which is a traditional vaccine
(although post-launch, I've got lesser concerns with that one as well) but
due to FDA political games and some manufacturing issues, they weren't
approved until much, much later.

B)  My wife got the original mRNA series from Pfizer over my objections.
 The entire household later got Covid despite two of us vaccinated.

No one in the household will be getting any boosters.

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> Was curious about the folks here, so here is a short poll:
> A) Have you received any covid vaccines?
> B) Have you gotten ANY covid?
> Personally I
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