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>…  This laptop is a drop in the bucket, and it sure doesn't seem like a linchpin in bringing down the house of cards, nor does it seem like some final battle that has to be won to save the country.  Whatever this shows has already happened.  Is happening.  Will happen…



Will, the reason I think this laptop is such a big deal: recall a previous POTUS being impeached.  Do you recall what it was for?  This is all tied together tightly.  Reminder: he was impeached for an implied (even if not explicit) quid pro quo for requesting the Ukrainian president investigate corruption.


Well OK, a request to investigate corruption is perfectly legitimate and expected. But this had an implied (not stated) reference to Hunter Biden, who was working in Burisma under questionable and certainly suspicious-looking circumstances while his father was VP.  That looked a lot like a perfectly justifiable call for investigation.  But it resulted in the POTUS who requested it being impeached.


Meanwhile… the same VP who very explicitly did utter a perfectly unambiguous but quite illegal quid pro quo demand to fire a prosecutor (highly improper request) who was investigating his son (nothing suspicious

at all here) is not impeached.  OK then, what if that laptop contains a bit more detail on what that fired prosecutor may have been studying?  Tony Bobulinski’s comments make me think that laptop may have that information on there.


If the FBI is now forced to reveal that information, it might show that our own FBI accused the innocent while covering up for the guilty.  If so, what happens when that power falls into the hands of the guy who comes back with knowledge of where the bodies are buried and burning vengeance?  Regardless of how that turns out, it can only be bad.


Any ideas?









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