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> If you say "free speech", then do you really think that platforming Nazis
> and white supremists is the price we have to pay to not overstep?
### Well, yes, actual free speech (not the scare-quote "free speech") means
that all the people you hate and despise with the greatest possible
intensity get to spew their most hateful, despicable and evil words to all
the other evil and despicable people who wish to listen.

Yes, that specifically includes actual Nazis, Satan worshippers,
anti-vaxers and even Democrats.

I am a free-speech absolutist.

All speech is sacred. Everyone must have the right to say anything and
everything and no one may be legitimately punished for it (except if he
voluntarily relinquished some of his rights to speak by entering into a

So says the First Commandment of my holy social faith.

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