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>…Very interesting thoughts I hadn't thought about much yet.

I guess part of why there are rumors that Tesla wants to get into the Auto Insurance business is precisely because of these legal issues?  Who is going to be financially responsible when Teslas get into accidents?



I am told Tesla is pulling back from level 4.  Reasoning: Mr. Musk’s engineering is taking place right around here in the SF Bay area, which is perhaps one of the most EV-friendly environments anywhere in the world.  It seldom gets very cold here (my new neighbor girl is age 15, from Mexico.  She saw frost for the first time in her life yesterday) and it seldom gets too hot.  There isn’t a lot of mud anywhere on the roads around here, so driving isn’t very challenging.  Elon probably pondered this a while and decided we just aren’t ready to turn cars loose to drive themselves where there might be mud or dust to obscure the instruments, or “ice” on the road, that frozen water stuff that I have heard about but haven’t really experienced, nor have most of the Tesla engineers.


Were I Mr. Musk, I would not want to bet my 300 billion fortune on that either.


Has anyone else here heard Tesla is pulling back from Level 4?





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