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Hey cool, new idea.  The problem for Musk is that Twitter was hemorrhaging money at a rate that necessitates he move fast.  In any such circumstance, it is clear the payroll must be slimmed down immediately, for the revenues cannot be raised immediately.  The content moderator team was enormous, so start there.  All of that is what any of us would do under those circumstances, but that causes new problems which must be addressed.


Plenty of people have a passion for content on Twitter, and we already agreed that it is unlikely people will pay to have someone else’s posts removed or pay to keep a post down.  Alternative idea: make everything free, so that free speech prevails, but the content moderation on Twitter is done by volunteers.  An all-volunteer army moderates Twitter by application.


That might work: Musk’s remaining paid team is focused on stuff that makes actual money while an enormous army of volunteers apply to take posts down, which uses get to see.  There would be a standing list of Tweets which have gotten the most applications for removal, then Twitter users can hit a button to agree or disagree.  No justification necessary.  Then any offensive tweet undergoes a kind of election, with its fate decided by those who have nothing better to do than spend their free time moderating Twitter.  


The page showing which posts are being debated for removal would contain advertising down either margin, for understandable reasons: cover the cost of doing business.  Advertisers could mine the content of tweet in question, make a judicial guess at the market potential of the objecting volunteers and shape what kind of advertisement to present to that crowd, opening up a whole new profession: advertisement situational awareness specialist. 


That would make Twitter analogous to the old town square with an option of when a random orator is saying something disagreeable, others around him can shout “don’t hear!  Don’t hear!”




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