[ExI] musk dumps another pile of internal documents

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>...A bunch of my family members had bad reactions to the Covid vaccine,
including myself. I was shocked at the overwhelmingly positive commentary on
the vaccine online. I suspected then that there was censorship of negative
experiences with the vaccine...

One of my colleagues got seriously sick, swelling all over, missed a bunch
of things I filled in for him.  He kept it quiet after being told
publicizing his malady might influence others to eschew the vaccine which
would indirectly slay many.  This particular colleague is the type who
assumes if the government says it, it must be right.

OK then.  What if... they were wrong?  We already know they were wrong on
the efficacy, even though their intentions were good.  The mRNA vaccine
doesn't train the T-cells apparently.  The Brits have really good evidence
of that.  

So... this mRNA technology is apparently only effective if one takes the
vaccines repeatedly, which is why I kept asking (and still don't know) what
happens when someone becomes a professional vaccine-taker (to sell the proof
cards to those unwilling) and gets a bunch of these jabs, then... for
whatever reason, they stop.  Do they catch after a few months?  Are there
long-term immune system affects we could find out by studying that group?
Can we identify who did things like this?  If they were unemployed and the
only thing they could get is a jab job, well OK, American society is willing
to overlook rule-breaking in our times.  Come forth, tell all with regard to
what you took and when.  Your blood is now valuable.

Gadersd, you said something important: "...A bunch of my family members..."
which suggests there might be a genetic component involved in which we can
learn a lot, if we can identify genetic groups which had negative impact.


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