[ExI] AI harming humanity

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Sun Dec 11 12:35:21 UTC 2022

AI is here, and it’s harming future generations (and the present ones)
An English teacher’s thoughts on “The College Essay is Dead” and ChatGPT.
Natalie Kay   Dec 9, 2022


This time last year, I was in the middle of my one-year stint as a
high school English teacher. There were many reasons I left the job
(the teacher shortage exists for a reason, it turns out), but
undoubtedly one of the most significant ongoing issues I had was
I tried it myself using ChatGPT, the AI program he discusses in the
article. I used a prompt that I had given to my own students when I
asked them to write essays on Romeo and Juliet. The quality and level
of detail was similar to that of my students. Even if I had been
suspicious of plagiarism, I never would have found a way to prove that
a student didn’t write the essay. It passed in every way I know to
look for.
I’m grieving a world where my students, and future generations
broadly, are not going to be able to experience the satisfaction and
self-growth that school should foster. The new capabilities of
technology, the pressure from academic institutions, and the
drastically changing job market will create environments with few
incentives for critical thinking. Why learn to write anything when AI
will do it for us? Why spend years cultivating a particular technique
as an artist when AI can reproduce the same style in seconds? Why
learn math when AI can do the calculations? Why think critically when
another Intelligence has the answers needed to pass the test or do the
assignment? Why learn to do any of this if the AI will take over our
jobs anyway?

AI progress is going to profoundly affect our civilisation.
Even before we reach the AGI Singularity


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