[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>… I think it's important to get news from a variety of sources and to not take everything any source says as gospel…


Ja.  This is why Twitter is a good place to get news: lots of variety.




>…I don't know. What do your Twitter sources say about that? Maybe they're trying to respect the victim's privacy. Surely FOIA requests have been filed. Unanswered question don't always mean there's a conspiracy…

Dave I will tell you what it looks like: the FBI is hiding something.  It really isn’t the hammer guy or even the resident that is important here: the FBI has a persistent serious credibility problem, and this is making it worse.  That video will eventually see the light of day.  Then we get to see if the FBI wrote a false report, which would explain why it doesn’t make much sense.



>…Seems like the NYT addressed these questions:

In this passage, where does it explain why Epps is on multiple videos shouting to the crowd that they must go inside the capitol, inside the capitol.  Where does it explain why Epps crossed the police line as we also saw in multiple videos, but was not charged with trespassing, as were others who also crossed that same barricade?  Epps wasn’t charged even though he is seen with a bullhorn in at least one video, clearly instigating a riot.  We have cases of others who did not urge anyone to go inside the capitol inside capitol who crossed the police line and were charged with serious offenses.  Had these others gotten into the crowd urging them to go inside the capitol inside the capitol, would they too have been immune to going across the police line as Ray Epps was?  Why does urging a crowd to go inside the capitol inside the capitol make one immune from trespassing charges?


The NYT article didn’t address any of the obvious questions.




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