[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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Adrian much more directly to the point: the “answer” presumes the FBI is not suffering from a horrific credibility problem.


>…If you do not assume a priori that he is part of the FBI, then …


>…If you do assume a priori that he is part of the FBI, then ….



We have the guy on video.  Now the FBI must either arrest him or take ownership of what he did.  Otherwise, it appears that… well I can’t even figure out what really.  I become one of those legendary conspiracy theorists without an actual theory.  I can tell you what it looks like.


This brings up an interesting question however.  There are people on this list outside of the US, such as… BillK.  The Brits know the Americans can be an unruly lot: we threw the tea in the harbor, the FBI did nothing about it, on the flimsy excuse that there was no FBI at the time, and wouldn’t be for another 130 years.


>From a British point of view, it must appear we have one guy who is recorded inciting riots, but they mysteriously arrested everyone else except him, including a bunch of people who crossed the barricade line but did not go inside the capitol inside the capitol.  They were charged with trespassing, some of whom had already been in prison for some time.  They didn’t incite others to riot, Ray Epps did that.


Adrian it just doesn’t add up.  Time will tell however.



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