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Yesterday I was one of Randall Munroe's 10k who didn't know something
everyone else knew (and I still don't know that) but today I find out
something perhaps everyone else already knew: in Norway a person can get
jail time for words?  It never occurred to me that Norway didn't have
freedom of speech laws similar to the USA.  I hear Norwegian Tonje Gjevjon
is in trouble.


Was anyone else here aware of that?  Do I get to score in the 10k zone twice
in the same week?


This brings up new questions regarding Twitter.  What if. someone tweets
something illegal in Norway.  Is Elon Musk a co-defendant now?  What if she
tweets it while on vacation in the states, where it is legal?  And regarding
that whole refugee business, could not any Norwegian just take trip to the
states, tweet something illegal in Norway, then legitimately claim refugee
status?  What about the other outfits in Europe, such as. like. "France" and
"Australia."  Do they have free speech?  And why can't every nation just
adopt the US Bill of Rights and be done with it?


All of this stands as evidence that technology is fast but law is slow.



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