[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>…Cuckoo's Nest - Jack's character was not mentally ill at all. He was a psychopath, very clearly.  bill w


OK well that qualifies by my definition.


It almost seems like Jack was misinformed into playing crazy to try to get out of prison, not realizing the alternative.


In any case, I will report my own experience: I used to be a megalomaniac.  Couldn’t afford a psychologist, so I checked out a book from the library, How To Not Be Crazy, read it, did what it suggested.  It worked!  I improved by six orders of magnitude.  A factor of a million I improved!  I discovered I was no longer a megalomaniac.  Now I am just a regular maniac.  So… if you will excuse me I need to return this book and get a different one.




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