[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>...I had asked what would any of us do any differently.  I had one idea:
get that HQ out of San Francisco, out to the central valley north of
Stockton, in the Lodi area where the rent on office space is a quarter what
it is in SF.  They could even have a catchy theme song:


Someone posted me offlist ridiculing this idea, but it is growing on me, so
I wish to run with the ball, using my own experience.

A long time ago I was working with a subcontractor in Newark NJ in a
position which required me to travel there every other Wednesday.  Oh that
was a pain in the ass.  I really didn't like that duty at all, didn't like
Newark, never really did get my feet on the ground there after 20 trips over
a year.

Then they announced they were moving out of that factory in Newark to a new
business park about an hour drive west of Liberty International to a mixed
chorus of cheers and despair.  For the visiting tech team, that too was
mixed, but I loved it out there.  It was a small quiet traditional NJ town
way the hell and gone in the middle of nothing, but it was great for my
contract.  Stuff really got done out there.  It was a new business park, so
all the buildings were new, everything was new, except the town itself.  A
few of the staff quit rather than go to work out there, but most stayed.

I am envisioning what Twitter HQ would be like if they bought that lot where
Lodi Toyota sits and the farms north, east and south of it along that
frontage road (Beckman) then turned all that into the new Twitter HQ.  That
would be a GREAT place for that kind of business.  They don't need to import
or export material or manufactured goods, there is plenty of available
housing around there at a waaaay better price than anywhere near SF.  They
could have a new HQ building ready to go inside of a year.  Lodi could
become the new Twitter City.

That's what I would do different from Elon: I would move that HQ out of San
Francisco forthwith.  I don't know that he is planning that move.


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