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Fri Dec 16 03:21:19 UTC 2022


I saw that the price for the new 2023 Tesla Model 3 is about 44k, so that
got me to thinking: Musk just paid about a million Tesla for Twitter.  The
length of a model 3 is 4.7 meters, so the price of Twitter in model 3 Teslas
parked bumper to bumper touching is the distance from my house in the SF Bay
Area to Newark NJ.  


I have driven across that stretch of highway and do fondly hope I never
hafta do that again.  I am struggling to envision all that with a continuous
line of Teslas the whole way.  That is a loooong damn ways across there.
Elon musta wanted that company pretty damn badly to trade a million Teslas
for it.



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