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> AI progress is going to profoundly affect our civilisation.
> Even before we reach the AGI Singularity

Indeed, and teaching methods might best adapt accordingly.

For example: an English teacher could give students a set of short papers,
one written by a human telling the truth, one written by a human in typical
corporate/political cherry-picking style, and multiple written by AI.  The
test is not to see which one the humans wrote but instead which one is
correct - which is something that students can hopefully see will be
relevant to their adult lives.  "Which way do you vote as an ordinary
citizen?  Let's say you get elected to a city council, so yours is one of
maybe five or three votes - same skill, more important, which way do you
vote?  Or if you're on a jury, and asked to see which one of these isn't
fraudulent, which way do you vote?  Learn how to recognize BS and do your
own critical thinking, because you're going to have to."

It's like the old argument against using calculators in math class.  Sure,
you will practically always have calculators available - but they're only
as reliable as the data put into them.  Minor errors might slip by but you
need to know the basics of how they work so you can recognize when things
are going very wrong.
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