[ExI] Hal Finney twitter account just came back to life

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> Gordon weren’t you one of the dozen or so on that cryptocurrency sublist
> we had in about 1998?

Hi spike. I don’t recall being on that sublist but I do recall meeting Hal
on this list, which is why I posted.

It was here that I first heard of bitcoin. I did not take it seriously
until it rallied in response to the Cyprus banking crisis on 2013. “Wow,” I
thought. “Bitcoin is doing exactly what they said it would do!” It was at
about $100 at the time. My life has never been the same. I’ve spent many
years moderating and participating in cryptocurrency related discussion

> I can think of Mike Butler and Robert Bradbury.  I haven’t heard from Mike
> in probably 15 years and Robert passed in 2011
I don’t remember Mike but I have good memories of Robert. Sorry to hear he

I’ve been trying to disentangle myself from Twitter and facebook to spend
more time here.

(doesn’t that blow your mind?)

It sure does. What also blows my mind is that Exi is still mostly the same
group it was way back when. Mostly the same names! This is a special group
of people.


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