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 >>…Gordon weren’t you one of the dozen or so on that cryptocurrency sublist we had in about 1998?


>…Hi spike. I don’t recall being on that sublist but I do recall meeting Hal on this list, which is why I posted….




Gordon if anyone has an archive of that sublist, that contains some valuable documentation.  It is the likely historical roots of cryptocurrency, where Hal and several others were debating the value of numbers and the structure of how to create a currency based on the notion of control of quantity.  I could find in there my reasoning for why I never bought into cryptocurrency: I argued that it would be impossible to maintain strict quantity control because any yahoo could start their own crypto.  This would result in hundreds or thousands of competing currencies, breaking the quantity control model.  So… I didn’t buy.  So… I didn’t get rich.


Still that archive of those dozen or so posters, a subset of ExI at the time, from about 1998 to about 2000, is extremely valuable historical documentation.  I lost my email archives twice since 2000, so I don’t have it.





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