[ExI] Hal Finney twitter account just came back to life

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And anybody can build cars, so Ferraris are worthless. 
The same talk over and over again...
There is a reason BTC is worth 16 K and the other coins at least 10x less.




No that is different.  If someone built cars which were as fast as the Ferrari and looked as cool, it would cost more (because Farrari has already amortized the manufacturing cost.)  The new competitor would be worth more than the Ferrari because it would be more exotic, which is part of why people want the Farros to start with: they just leave a wide trail of cool wherever they go.


If someone else set up a competing cryptocurrency with a similar amount of compute time required to get one, it seems its value would be similar, assuming the crypto exchanges will deal in them.  So the value is in getting the crypto exchanges to deal.  This would depend on one’s security system and the cost of mining one of them.





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