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I'm getting a lot of interest from documentary makers about Hal Finney,
cryptocurrency, and often the cryonics connection. There's even a possible
film in the works that starts with Hal in the early Bitcoin days, through
the time of his cryopreservation, and onto into the future when he is
revived. If someone does have the archive of that sublist, it would be a
tremendous source of information for documentarians. It would be wonderful
if we could host it. 









Max some of that early discussion around the cryptocurrency was on the main
ExI list.  Hal and I and some others got to talking about the notion of a
person discovering a Mersenne prime on prime95, then putting a post on the
chat group we had going for that topic, offer to sell it.  Then the buyer
gets the number and the intermediate residuals, reports it, goes into the
record books forever as the discoverer.  If the seller claims he really
discovered it and sold it, that doesn't go in the record books: it is
irrelevant because the other feller announced it first.


That discussion led into the notion of an algorithm that takes a long time,
finds a special set of numbers, such as discovering by brute force they key
to a hash function (Hal knew the hell outta that kind of thing.)  Then a
prole could sell that key, in a way that is kinda analogous to what Prime95
was doing (and is still doing (with a hash function that nature gave us (and
a shortcut that Lucas and Lehmer gave us.)))


Some of that discussion is in the main list ExIchat.  Search on Prime95 or
Mersenne Prime or GIMPS or that kinda stuff, about in the mid to late 90s,
maybe as late as 2001 or 2, but it was mostly before Extro4 because that was
the meeting where the K Eric and Christine Peterson saved my damn life
(deetz available.)









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