[ExI] Electric cars too heavy for old UK multi-storey car parks

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> > The Teslas have similar drawbacks to the 7 series Beemers: they are too
> heavy and have two additional problems: the moment of inertia about the
> vertical axis is too high and the weight distribution just is all wrong.

I thought just the opposite was the case.  Aren't the batteries at the
bottom of the car, making their center of gravity lower than any other
car?  I often see safety test videos, where they do tests to see how easy
it is to flip a car.  But they are often completely unable to get EVs to
flip, especially Teslas the center of mass is so low.

But heavy cars do feel very different from light ones.  After driving my
Porsche Taycan for a year, it needed to go in the shop, so I rented a BMW I8
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_i8> through turo.com for the week.  That
was a very light car, and boy did it feel different than the HEAVY Taycan.
But still the I8 was no comparison to the Taycan, fun wise.  And the Lucid
Air Performance addition I have now is in an entirely new class of heavy.
I can't quite get the Air to the same G-level of acceleration as the Taycan
would do (personal record: 1.32 Gs), surely because of the additional
weight.  Oh, and of course the I8 wouldn't accelerate till the turbo would
kick in at higher RPMs, and by then you were up to the speed limit, so no
longer needed acceleration.  I don't like going above the speed limit, just
getting to it FAST.

All I want for Christmas is a Tesla Roadster.  Anyone think the Roadster
will come out in 2023?  I hope, I hope, I hope???
And does anyone think the rumored "space X" option will be something real,
let alone street legal?

And why does everyone only ever report on things like 0 to 60 MPH times?
Why does nobody ever report the G level achieved, the measure of that
really matters to me?
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