[ExI] Nine sips from anarchy?

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Fri Dec 30 13:27:36 UTC 2022

On Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 04:48, Will Steinberg via extropy-chat
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> It's produced by 2 youtube celebrities who are very popular among children
> _______________________________________________

That's right. One of them is also involved in a big crypto scam as well.
Millions of young YouTube followers will buy anything their heroes recommend.

Bottled water (with a squirt of flavouring) is the scam of the century.
There's nothing quite like the feeling of pure, ice-cold hydration.
Some of us get our water for free from the tap. The rest pay for it —
at the cost of roughly $100 billion a year.
For the vast majority of Americans, a glass from the tap and a glass
from the bottle are virtually identical as far as their health and
nutritional quality are concerned. In some cases, publicly-sourced tap
may actually be safer since it is usually tested more frequently.
There are exceptions, however — people living near private wells do
not enjoy the same rigorous testing as those whose water comes from
public sources, and some public sources are not properly screened, as
has been seen in Flint, Michigan.

Ye olde English cup of tea (or coffee) wins easily.


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