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Chess.com offers what they are billing as a software chess teacher who goes over your games and suggests improvements.  It is a fun little toy kinda, but really it is little more than software-generated wisecracks.


It really has me thinking about how to make my own instructional software which produces little more than software-generated wisecracks.  That would be a hoot.


I was playing black in a timed game (10 minute, no increment, already running short on time but he wasn’t, higher rated opponent 1920-something) and I was clearly getting my ass whooped.


In this position, playing black, I found the move which stirred the Chess.com software’s artificial soul and gained me its artificial admiration.


>From this position, black to play, I put mate on the board under time pressure in 7 more moves, the last three of which were forced.


Chess is a terrible waste of an otherwise functional mind.


I want to write software which instructs proles using witty instructional sarcasm







Black to play and win.

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