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Subject: [ExI] COVID booster shot question for Rafal


Three days ago my dad and I received our JNJ COVID booster shots. I grew horribly sick from the so called “minor” side effects. My dad faired better, but still felt quite sick a few hours after getting vaccinated. He was concerned and got tested for COVID. The tested turned up positive. I soon decided to get tested as well, but I turned up negative. My dad before this never had symptoms that warranted a test. What is the best interpretation of this situation?









He caught omicron, which isn’t a severe disease for many people.  You suffered from an immune system reaction to the vaccine, which is severe for some people.  I see nothing mysterious in that outcome.  We have been told that omicron is a severe disease and that the vaccines are without risk of bad side effects.  Neither are true, certainly not universally.


On the bright side, Hermes: you are now less likely to suffer from alpha or delta.  The vaccine probably won’t stop omicron, but that variant apparently also helps you resist the other variants.


May you and your family recover quickly and fully.  We wish you the very best.



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