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Subject: [ExI] COVID booster shot question for Rafal


>>>…Three days ago my dad and I received our JNJ COVID booster shots. I grew horribly sick from the so called “minor” side effects. My dad faired better, but still felt quite sick a few hours after getting vaccinated… Hermes




>>…He caught omicron, which isn’t a severe disease for many people.  You suffered from an immune system reaction to the vaccine…spike




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Subject: Re: [ExI] COVID booster shot question for Rafal


>…My thoughts were that he had omicron, but the condition was so minor that he experienced no symptoms. Does the vaccine increase sensitivity to the point that omicron infections that would usually go unnoticed, suddenly become quite severe?  Hermes




Eh, hard to say Hermes.  It might be that the previous vaccine (assuming he had one before this one) may have reduced the impact of omicron.  People who have never been vaccinated caught omicron, some got really sick, others described it as a mild flu, everything in between.  We have people who were treated with ivermectin, with chloroquine, with monoclonal antibodies, people who refuse to say what they did and how it turned out, people who do say and are booted off of mainstream internet platforms because it isn’t that platform’s favored policy.


Result: after all this time, we still don’t know how well those vaccines work and what the side effects are, damn.


You may recall my interest in learning what happens when someone gets a dozen of these shots, perhaps becoming a professional vaccine passport collector for profit.  I still want to know that answer, and my logic tells me that such people exist.  If that information is out there, I don’t have it.


Note that when covid started a coupla years ago, we knew that viruses in general tend to evolve in a direction where the subsequent variants are more contagious and less lethal, but confer some immunity from their predecessors.  It looks to me like that’s what omicron did: mostly displaced alpha and delta, but rides like a typical flu bug.



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