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Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 10:15:37 UTC 2022

I have been working with the law offices of Hoyt and Bryan (
https://hoytbryan.com/contact-us/) to establish a Revival Trust to aid in
my cryonic suspension and I'd like to share with you an executive summary
of the trust that I just wrote:

"I believe that the most precious essence of the good life is the
cultivation and satisfying of curiosity. I am intensely curious about the
future. Scientific progress offers us now options to extend the temporal
reach of our curiosity beyond natural limits. I intend to use
scientifically validated methods to prolong the survival of my mind and my
curiosity as long as possible. For that purpose I established a contract
with Alcor, a charitable organization, to preserve my brain in case of my
death at low temperatures, a practice known as cryonic suspension, until
technological progress allows my return to conscious experience. I am now
establishing this Revival Trust to provide financial resources to aid in
this process. Generally I intend for this Trust to steadily accrue value
through prudent, long-term investments in order to pay for whatever must be
done to increase the likelihood of my mind surviving into the far future
and what has not been provided for by other mechanisms. By way of example,
the Trust will if needed pay for: (1) Assisted suicide or legal action to
give me access to assisted suicide in case of my impending death due to
incurable disease, including dementia. (2) My upkeep while in an
incapacitated state awaiting cryonic suspension, if not otherwise provided
for. (3) Distributions required by law to beneficiaries during my time in
cryonic suspension. (4) The process of reanimation from cryonic suspension,
including reanimation by whole-brain emulation, if not provided for
otherwise. (5) My upkeep and other expenses needed to return to functioning
within the future society after reanimation. (6) Final distribution of the
accumulated Trust value to me after my return to existence as a legally
recognized person. (7) Other actions indispensable under the discretion of
the serving Trustees to assure the survival of my mind into the far
future, if not provided for otherwise. The above provisions extend also to
the situation when instead of using cryonic suspension I decide to use
other technologies to transfer my mind into the future, and such
technologies may include chemopreservation, plastination, uploading through
brain-machine interface and other potential future technologies provably
capable of recreating my mind in the future. This Trust however will not be
used for the benefit of my heirs or descendants."

This is still work in progress but we hope to be finished with it in a few
weeks. The Trust as whole is a big complicated legal document and it costs
me a pretty penny but I think it's worth it if it makes me more likely to
survive into the far future. Certainly all of you who have cryonic
suspension contracts should consider establishing such trusts as well.
Peggy Hoyt is very knowledgeable on this matter and she may be the only
lawyer in the country who has experience in this very esoteric legal
matter, so I am happy to provide her with some (unpaid, of course)

Rafal Smigrodzki, MD-PhD
Schuyler Biotech PLLC
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