[ExI] Transhumanist Studies Group - TOPIC - Friday 2/11/22 @ 10AM US PST

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Correction: Friday the 11th of this month!

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​Hello Everyone!

This coming Friday, Feb 4th, we will be discussing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)  ​​and the work of Ben Goertzel and Peter Voss, two of the computer scientists who developed the term and its usage. Let's first learn more about these two people (that is, if you don't already know them!).

Ben Goertzel. He leads the SingularityNET Foundation, the OpenCog Foundation, and the AGI Society which runs the annual Artificial General Intelligence conference. Ben also chairs the futurist nonprofit Humanity+, and serves as Chief Scientist of AI firms Singularity Studio, Rejuve, SingularityDAO and Xccelerando Media, all parts of the SingularityNET ecosystem. As Chief Scientist of robotics firm Hanson Robotics, he led the software team behind the Sophia robot; as Chief AI Scientist of Awakening Health he leads the team crafting the mind behind Sophia’s little sister Grace. Learn more at his website<https://goertzel.org/about/>.

Peter Voss. His careers include being an entrepreneur, engineer and scientist. His experience includes growing a computer solutions company from zero to a 400-person IPO. For the past 20+ years his main focus has been on developing AGI (artificial general intelligence). In 2009 Peter founded Smart Action Company, which offers the only call automation solution powered by an AGI engine. He now heads up Aigo.ai Inc., which is developing and selling increasingly advanced AGI systems. Peter also has a keen interest in the inter-relationship between philosophy, psychology, ethics, futurism, and computer science. Learn more at his company website aigo.ai<https://aigo.ai/>.

For our Transhumanist Studies Group meeting on Friday, please bring with you:

  *   One or more articles on AGI that you read or video that you watched the provided a newsworthy item that you can share with the group.
  *   One or more concerns you have, or you read about that might challenge the benefits of AGI
  *   How might AGI help the goals of transhumanism?

On Sunday, February 13 I am hosting the H+ Academy Roundtable on AGI. "How it Started. Key Challenges Ahead". Please register here if you would like to attend!  Eventbrite.​

Email me if you have any questions.



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