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I can't say that I have kept up with the news, but I think Roundup has been
found non carcinogenic (and some have found that is).  I dunno.  But
breeding resistance to insects, fungi and so forth has to be a great
thing.  Esp. for a tomato grower.  It won't be long before we have tomatoes
that are resistant to everything,since various tomatoes have those
resistances but not all are combined into one plant.  Then  they will breed
tomatoes that taste great and are tough enough to ship (and I can stop
raising them), which is not the case now.  We all know about those hothouse
red tennis balls they sell as tomatoes.  bill w

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>> In many places in the world, farmers disregard package instructions and
>> use more of the -ides (fungi-, insect-, weed killers) and the rates of
>> cancer there are amazing.  With GMO you can use far less of these, saving
>> lives of the workers.
> With GMOs you *can *use less chemicals, but you don't necessarily. For
> example, Round Up resistant corn allows copious amounts of Round Up to be
> applied to corn crops to kill weeds.
> -Dave
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