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> ### Cast iron would be a very poor material for a horseshoe due to its
> brittleness and stiffness. Horseshoes need high impact resistance and a
> little bit of flex to stay attached to the hoof which is why they are
> relatively thin and made of forged iron or steel. A cast iron horseshoe
> strong enough to resist shattering would be very heavy.

Race horses use aluminum shoes. From

*Material Most commonly cast or machined from mild steel or aluminum. Steel
is more durable, easily worked in the forge and less expensive. Aluminum
shoes are much lighter, able to be applied with glue and available in many
styles for therapeutic applications.The market for shoes made of even less
traditional materials like plastic, rubber and fiberglass or the
combination of seems to be growing. I’m sure as 3D printing becomes more
accessible, choices will continue to increase.*

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