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Thu Jan 6 14:22:18 UTC 2022

You want someone highly specialised and frankly quit Asp personality to do
certain things, like for example digging around in your brain. Someone who
spends lots of time think about and optimizes critical procedures before
they are put into practice, like the Webb telescope.
At the same time you want that superfocused person to know all relevant
history, a lot of unrelated but potentially useful stuff etc.
The optimal specialist are thus a person with needle focus on the problem
and a renaissance scholarly breadth of unrelated trivia knowledge combined
with a manic fountain of ideas.
I agree fully with Heinlein, to be able to become an expert on Foo, you
need to understand all things Bar.

I strive my best to reach this, thus the project of the day has been to
understand the defensive half roll to ground utilised by Swedish recon
pilots when jumped by MIGs, (DCS world Viggen simulator helps with this)
build and try a fletching jig for arrows and try out the Russian secondary
draw when speedshooting arrows.
And later this evening a new board game.

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>> >…Heinlein's famous specialization quote isn't really arguing that people
>> should be experts at everything and that there's no need for working
>> experts in many fields.
>> Did you mean his “Specialization is for insects” crack?
> Yeah:
>    https://reason.com/2020/02/29/specialization-is-for-insects/
> There’s plenty to be said for increasing specialization as well.
>  Obviously. One wouldn't want their neighbor the salesman to do their
> brain surgery.
> -Dave
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