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>>… my prediction: jillions of these tests distributed, a huge percentage of them used incorrectly, the most common result is a false negative.





>…OK, the results are in with regard to my prediction of chaos: the local high school is running about 10% positive test results.  One who was at the emergency school board meeting last night posted me that they decided to close school for two weeks and go online…



Help me estimate this number please: what percentage of students want school to go online?  Most want to meet at school in person, but our world is filled with diversity, so I would be surprised if that number is lower than about 10%.  I would estimate it at closer to 15 or so.


Any other guesses?  Reason I ask: the students know how to use the internet, so they know stuff such as how to make these tests read positive.  Instead of using the swab up the old schnoz, they put three drops of cola on the indicator, a few minutes later, it shows positive for covid.  

OK then.  The students already know that plenty of people will show positive with no apparent symptoms, and if they get one positive and one negative result the same day, it counts as a positive.  So… they cola-fake a positive, get a free two-week vacation from school.


If enough of them are doing that, everybody goes online.  The slackers get a free excuse for their lousy performance.  The academic athletes pull ahead of the pack even faster.






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