[ExI] Interstellar Travel is really hard

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Yeah, flying a computer interstellar distances that can run a human-level
AGI is one thing. Getting canned monkeys anywhere intact is orders of
magnitude more difficult.

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> Interstellar Travel is Hard
> Published by Steven Novella   Jan 7, 2022
> There are many possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox, ways of
> resolving the apparent contradiction, and many of them have merit.
> But I think a sufficient explanation is simply that interstellar travel is
> really hard.
> <
> https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/interstellar-travel-is-hard/
> >
> So at best even an advanced civilization might come up with an
> interstellar ship that can manage 20-50% the speed of light and
> require tremendous resources.
> Interstellar travel may simply seem not worth it.
> Further, if you want to transport actual living beings through
> interstellar space the challenge is orders of magnitude more
> difficult.
> -----------------
> This is a rather pessimistic view (realistic??) about travel to the stars.
> But he does discuss most of the options.
> BillK
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