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>...One problem with interstellar communication is time delay - even at the
speed of light.

Another problem is knowing what level your possible audience is at and how
to communicate with them.

No point in sending nanotech lessons to primitive races.

For more advanced races (like humans) you run into ethical problems because
giving advanced tech to them is like giving guns to children to play with.
It would probably destroy them.

Another problem is broadcasting your existence to even more advanced races
may not be a wise move.

I think advanced races probably think it safer to let other races develop at
their own speed.  :)







Ja to all, but something still puzzles me: the apparently universal lack of
exceptions.  We are a species that intentionally blasted a signal into space
at the quietest frequency in the galaxy, with no known recipients, without
regard to the potential damage or benefit it would cause.


IN 1974, we sent them this:



At the time it was sent, there was much debate over whether aliens would
understand the message.  But it is perfectly clear to me what it means,
because I am such hipster (or rather I was (in 1974 (when the message was


Immediately when I see that, it is clear that we are telling the ETI how
cool we are because of our hipster video games.  We show them in white up
top that we have Brick Out, then below that in green is Digital Battleship,
then below that is a picture of a flute, so they know we also have high-brow
analog devices along with our video games, and in blue we have sideways
oceans (depending on how you look at them) and best of all, we have Space


Ordinarily in that game, the human is below, firing at the aliens coming
down from above, but since they are the Space Invaders, then from their
revolting point of view, they are the purple guy down there standing in the
puddle of spilled milk (or playing Brick Out) and we are up above (in red)
threatening that if they get any big ideas about invading, we whack them
with that gnarly yellow shillelagh.


Did anyone have any other interpretations of the message?





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