[ExI] Human-level AGI will never happen

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> Unstated assumption #1: human capabilities are a finite checklist that can
> be performed by AIs, one by one, using architectures that are able to
> inherit the capabilities of previous AIs.

### Well, one way of checking off all boxes of a human to-do list, whether
finite or infinite, is to have a faithful emulation of the doer inside the
AI. AI can interrogate its model human to give human level answers to all
challenges if needed, without giving up its various superhuman

> Unstated assumption #2: previous AIs will not merge into humans in a way
> that dramatically boosts "human-level" intellectual performance and thus
> the requirements for an AI to be generally considered an AGI.  Granted,
> this is a form of moving the goalposts, but if the goal is to reach
> whatever is thought of as "human-level" at the time, that goal has moved
> over time before.

### Well, yeah, this is definitely moving the goalposts quite dramatically.

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