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OK well, I am ready to call this good news.  If we compare the death rate to
the new case rate in Florida in December, it looks a lot like the South
Africa experience: they caught the omicron, it appears to be not that
different from a seasonal flu in severity.  There has been enough time now:
a full month since it was very clear that the case rate was rising sharply.
In the other three waves, the death rate followed the case rate by about 9
to 13 days.  Now we have 30 days behind us on this latest surge, and the
reports are fairly consistent: it isn't delta or alpha.


The South Africans think the omicron confers not immunity but notable
increased resistance to delta and alpha, and if so. we are near the end of
this nightmare.  The Florida governor did the right thing in keeping
everything open, not destroying businesses, not messing up the students.


Today the US supreme court decided by 6 to 3 majority that the federal
government does not have the authority to mandate a vaccine.  That 3
justices disagreed is the part I found most astonishing.  I sure don't see
anything in the enumerated powers that would suggest the fed can do a
workaround using the OSHA to require vaccines.


In any case, check out this data from the CDC:





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