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I knew that there were a lot of genres.  To my extremely limited musical
taste, there's classical and there's 'other', which I called pop.

Katy Perry - one of the funniest things I ever saw:  one costume featured
large lollipops affixed to her breasts.
I wonder if part of her act is a sendup.  A satire.

Jazz - I heard Dave Brubeck Quartet in concert in Hyannis Port in 1962.  It
turned out that Brubeck's is the only jazz I like (he was
classically trained by Milhaud and wrote classical music).  I  do like some
pre-1950 jazz.

I did say no review, but I was lying.  In Dan's post he mentioned
Sandstorm, so I heard it on Youtube.  Extremely annoying.  Also Astronomia
- not as annoying but plenty annoying.  Is there a genre where nearly total
repetitiveness is not present?  The songs varied only in the voice part -
the background was totally repetitive.  I wonder at the musicians who play
it.  I would be absolutely bored out of my mind, if anything was left of it
after doing it for a few years.  More later.   bill w

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> Many thanks to those who posted their favorite pop songs.  I encourage
> others to contribute.  I will NOT be posting any opinions of mine regarding
> the selections.   It is possible that I limited myself:  I divide things
> into classical and popular, and others may enjoy genres that they regard as
> not of those two.  If so, let me know your genres that were not included.
>  bill w
> On Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 9:17 AM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I have not listened to pop music for a long time and wonder what it's
>> like.  So I am asking all of you to send me your favorite songs of whatever
>> genre so I can hear what they are like.  Post 90s songs please.  Thanks!
>> bill w
> Well, the big problem is what people mean by ‘pop.’ When I talk about
> stuff like this to my friends, generally I think we (my friends and I)
> agree something like the songs of Billie Eilish or Patrick Wolf are pop,
> but not, say, Alien Ant Farm (they’re nu metal) or Future (he’s a rap
> artist often classified as making trap or mumble rap — two different if
> overlapping genres of hip hop). So, pop means something different than
> simply popular when applied to music. (Think of pop art. Perhaps the most
> popular artist is Van Gogh, but I wouldn’t categorize him as pop art. Andy
> Warhol and so is Robert Rauschenberg pop art, and they’re both popular, but
> so Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, and Da Vinci. But none of the latter four are
> said to have made pop art. So be careful of the label.
> A friend of mine even said he classifies his music more by decade than
> genre because there are too many overlaps between the genres and sub
> genres. So he thinks it’s easier to go by decade, despite that being
> arbitrary in many respects. It’s more a pragmatic decision: how can I find
> stuff easily.
> (Another thing is you’re now using ‘pop songs.’ Well, do you mean just
> song music? In which case, almost all pop music is song music, so you’re on
> safe ground. But is almost all popular music — differentiating pop and
> popular and still not including, say, classical and jazz music that’s
> popular — song music? Yeah, but there’s a lot of popular dance music that’s
> not. Astronomia by Tony Ig is extremely popular but it’s not song music (at
> least the Vicerone remix isn’t). Same applies to Sandstorm by Darude
> (trance?), which has brought in a lot of money (around a billion USD since
> it came out in 2000).)
> When I responded with my list, most of my selections were dream pop or
> synthpop. A few were rock/pop, which is distinguished if fuzzy from just
> rock. Of course, you left out jazz and all its subgenres, and there’s the
> question of how clearly one draws the line between pop music and stuff like
> hip hop, dance music, electronica, folk, alternative, punk, etc. Heck, I
> left these out, for the most part, because when I think pop, I think Katy
> Perry and not The Killers.
> Regards,
> Dan
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