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>…A friend of mine even said he classifies his music more by decade than genre because there are too many overlaps between the genres and sub genres. So he thinks it’s easier to go by decade, despite that being arbitrary in many respects. It’s more a pragmatic decision: how can I find stuff easily….


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Dan after I read your commentary, it occurred to me why that decade business stopped working.  If you get subscription satellite radio, genres have decades, or some of them do: 40s thru 90s, but somewhere in the 90s, digital tuning made possible jillions of radio stations, unlike the old FM dial where you really only had a few stations.  With only a few stations, there was a definite mainstream sound which defined the decade, even if there were subcategories, such as traditional rock-n-roll, American Top 40, Punk, Motown sounds and so on.


But once satellite radio came along… there are too many radio stations to even have a distinctive sound associated with a decade.



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