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> Dan as I understand it, if a car has standard controls, it doesn't matter if it is capable of self-driving, the person behind the wheel is responsible for what the car does.  If it doesn't have a steering wheel, the occupants are the equivalent of passengers.  Any company selling something they claim is mechanically competent to take on the responsibility of moving people is taking the legal liability associated with that awesome responsibility.
> Until some Telsa-scale corporation is willing to stand behind one of these rigs, I will not buy.
> spike
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You mean product liability.   But there are exceptions to that law.
e.g. vaccines. Pharma demands a 'no liability' clause before they will
provide their vaccine. Presumably because they know that some people
will have a very bad reaction to the injection. They don't know how
many, but 'too many' might mean bankruptcy.  It is a cost-benefit
analysis. Say, 300 million lives saved against 200,000 killed or
injured. But 200,000 sueballs would be too much.
The same principle might apply to Tesla.  Accidents avoided versus
accidents caused.

It's a tricky choice when lives are at stake.


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