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BillK, it's a critical question: does the car have a steering wheel or does
it not?  In the USA, it is aaaaalll about liability.  If the car has a
steering wheel and the autopilot screws up, the driver is liable.  If no
steering wheel, the company is at fault.  

I have half a mind to wait until the no-steering-wheel car is available,
drive my own damn self until then.

### What if independent, reliable, trusted third parties certified this car with steering wheel to be 10x safer as a driver than you are?





…then that car is the wet dream of the lawsuit industry.  Currently some stupid prole causes an accident, she doesn’t have anything and the car company isn’t liable.  The steering-wheel car is way safer but that is still a tenth as many accidents, and those have deep pockets behind them.


Rafal being a doctor you know aaaaaalllll about the American lawsuit industry.  All doctors are lawyers in a sense.



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