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>> ...  So one is not required to present one’s OWN proof 
> of vaccination card, but rather one is required only to present A 
> proof of vaccination card.

>...You may want to revise your statement. Within California various different jurisdictions are passing their own rules and these are changing over time. For example in September in Contra Costa county ... there was a rule which did require both picture ID and proof of vaccination in some venues. ...



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Fred!  Welcome back, me lad!  Haven't heard from you in a long time, welcome.

OK statement revised.  I hadn't heard how they were doing things up in Contra Costa county, but I agree, counties make their own rules and businesses make their own rules.  This is a puzzling situation for the top county health official is not elected (as far as I know (I don't even know who it is)) but is making decisions which have enormous impact.  

Stathis has been asking about mandates.  Businesses have always had the freedom to have all the mandates, requirements and rules they want, hire a bouncer to enforce them upon anyone entering their store.  They have the perfect right to do that: they own the place.  The customer is free to choose what level of protection they want, including requiring that patrons wear two masks while eating:


Businesses are free to hire as much enforcement as they wish to afford, but county law enforcement is spread thin already, so they can't help.  Santa Clara county had a number of mandates and Alameda county up the street had them, but I never did see the sheriff's boys out enforcing anything.  Sheriff Laurie has plenty of bigger headaches to worry about, now that she is in hot water over a pay-to-play corruption charge, minor stuff it sounds like, the usual stuff: selling concealed carry permits for campaign contributions.

This notion of having businesses require (and enforce) vaccination and mask rules would work in general perhaps but it still takes us back to the really critical question of what to do with schools.  Students are required to go there, but the risk/benefit equation is different for them.  Covid doesn't do much to young people (thank holy evolution for that) and they have a loooong time ahead of them to suffer auto-immune disorders if there are any.  So they have a lower benefit and higher risk than we old fellers have.

On this latest bit: our local public school distributed at-home tests.  The students use TikTok, so they know how to make the test read a false positive.  We don't know what percentage of them did that for a free Ferris Beuller's week off (it's two weeks), along with a perfectly good excuse for failure, but you can be sure that the percentage is not zero.


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